EZ-Flash IV Rom patch for GBA

The EZClient software used by EZ-Flash IV GameBoy Advance flash cart is really unstable so after some effort, I've managed to code a wrapper application around the EZ4Patch.dll. Also managed to figure out how the official client did the header modifications it did.

Note that this software is only intended for use with the GameBoy Advance flash cart. I haven't tested it with anything else.

Source Code: github.com/HiddenRambler/EZ4Patcher
The binaries : EZ4PatcherV1.zip


  1. Thanks a lot! EZClient just stopped working for me after latest Win10 update so i found your patcher. Available binary was not working as well but after some experiments with VS2017 and sources i was able to build revision with fixes and made my day. It's much more usable, at least to me.)

  2. Oh yes, thank you very much for this patch, you're just my savior because I had problems after updating the drivers and everything stopped working. I usuallu use gba roms https://romsmania.com/roms/gameboy-advance to enjoy retro games, thanks again!

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